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Here at Honaker House Farm, we pride ourselves on:

Family - We are a family-owned operation that has farmed this land for over 9 generations.  It's important for us to build upon the work our ancestors began to ensure the lifestyle we value endures for future generations.  We each play a crucial role in the success of Honaker House Farm.

Quality-  Throughout the years, we have worked to establish the necessary genetic lines and nutritional provisions in our herd to produce the best quality beef that we can serve, not only at our own dinner table, but to friends and neighbors.  We are committed to providing you with this same level of quality and experience and welcome any feedback you may have.

Community- We believe that neighbors should support neighbors. Honaker House Farm's success is a product of the support provided over the years by community members through shared wisdom, lending hands, and moral support.  It is an honor to be able to give back to this same community that has consistently provided for us. 

Stewardship- We truly value the land that our ancestors have worked on for hundreds of years and the cattle that provide our livelihood. In doing so, we believe it is important to continuously educate ourselves on new and improved land management practices, herd health programs, humane handling methods, etc. and implement them in our everyday operations. 


The History Behind Honaker House Farm

The house silhouette featured in our logo belongs to the Honaker House. The stone part of the house was built in 1804 by Henry Honaker, the son of Hans Jacob Honegger (Honaker is the Americanized version). Hans Jacob left Switzerland for America in 1749 with his wife and child as indentured servants. Neither his wife nor their child survived the voyage. He landed in Philadelphia where he remained until his indentured contract was ended. After gaining some wealth, he settled in Draper, VA where his son eventually bought land and built the Honaker House. Family still resides in the house today. The family ties to the house and farm made the idea of using the house in our logo incredibly special.

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

Meet The Team


Dean Pratt

Owner and Head Manager


Mike Hoggatt

Lead Farm Hand & Herd Record Keeper


Meredith Hoggatt

Farm Hand & Marketing Director


Meagan Pratt

Customer Service & Billing


Terri Pratt

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Lily Bea.jpg

Lily Hoggatt

Gate Opener-in-Training & General Cuteness Manager

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